This project presents the light curves in the uvby bands of the Strömgren photometric system, and the velocity curve for the close binary star AL Sculptoris (AL Scl). Models for light and velocity curves were fitted using the Wilson-Devinney light curve and differential corrections programs, which use the method of least squares to fit the periodically varying light and velocity data for the system. Four different parameter computations, obtained from each of the combinations of three light bands, yielded a mean distance of 235±0.6 pc. This distance is well within the standard error of the distance of 234.4±7.0 pc  found by the Gaia satellite, information that was publicly released in the mission’s second data release date in May 2018. These findings allow AL Scl to be used as a standard candle for distance determination, and they strengthen the viability of using light and velocity curve modeling as a method of distance determination for distant stellar objects.